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Extensia™: Innovation in low shrinkage concrete for commercial and industrial floors

Extensia is a breakthrough technology, a powerful solution to the problem of shrinkage cracks in interior concrete floor slabs. Its innovative design and superior mechanical performance offers many benefits over conventional concrete:

  • Increases saw-cut spacing to 20 m x 20 m (60 ft x 60 ft)
  • Allows reduction of slab thickness
  • Eliminates the need for steel mesh and steel fiber
  • Increased durability without surface treatment
  • Allows early finishing and early loading of slab
  • Is environmentally sustainable
As a flooring system, Extensia offers outstanding value – through the elimination of steel reinforcements and surface hardeners, as well as lower lifetime maintenance costs. Developed by Lafarge SA, Extensia brings together the research & development of the world’s largest construction materials company, and the Quality, Manufacturing and Service excellence of Innocon, the leading ready-mix supplier in the GTA region.

Your Innocon account executive can explain the benefits of Extensia to you in more detail. We can go through your project requirements and help you unlock the value in your industrial / commercial flooring system!


Extensia Spec Sheet

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Technical Highlights

The Extensia™ mix design results in the reduction of drying shrinkage, typically 0.04% (modified ASTM C-157 as specified by CSA A23.1-04 clause 8.9.2). Extensia™ achieves a high level of mechanical performance:

  • Compressive strength* in the order of 20 MPa in one day, 50 MPa in 7 days, 70 MPa in 28 days
  • Flexural strength of 6 MPa in 28 days in accordance with CSA A23.2-8C and splitting tensile CSA A23.3-13C
  • The achievement of this high level of mechanical strength, allows:
    • A reduction of slab thickness compared to conventional concrete
    • Early loading up to 14 days o Improved abrasion resistance due to compressive strength achieved
    • Dry shake applications for increase abrasion resistance may be eliminated or reduced
  • Slump will range from 175 mm to 225 mm
  • Slump flow will range from 450 mm to 550 mm
  • Slump retention - 90 minutes

Workability achieved allows for conventional placement and compaction methods (including pumping). Extensia is highly durable due to low oxygen permeability and low water porosity.

*Compressive Strength depends on placement practices and environmental conditions


  1 Day 7 Day 28 Day
Compressive Strength 20 MPa 50 MPa 70 MPa


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