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The rapid innovation in concrete technology over the past 10 years has increased the design possibilities for the architectural and engineering community.

Advances in self consolidating concrete (SCC) and high-early-strength concretes, led by the Agilia and Chronolia brands, have fundamentally changed the way buildings are built. Extensia is drastically changing the way industrial slabs are designed, and Artevia has increased the aesthetic appeal of concrete elements. Furthermore, an increased interest in sustainable construction has created new challenges that can be mitigated through design with concrete.

Innocon often gets involved with clients at the design stage, providing alternatives and solutions to push schedules and design boundaries. We have a highly-educated and experienced team that is ready to provide their expertise to your project.

We are knowledgeable in sustainable construction, with LEEDTM AP staff knowledgeable in the LEED system and how concrete can contribute to multiple points.

We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to peruse through our featured projects [link to projects page] and read our product literature to learn about the various design options available with concrete.


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