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Chronolia™: Faster Concrete Construction

ChronoliaTM is the next generation of high-early concretes, with accelerated strength gains that allow a concrete pour schedule to be truly optimized. Chronolia gives contractors and designers unparalleled flexibility to rotate forms, load structural elements and increase productivity faster than standard concrete would allow. Additionally, Chronolia provides excellent workability for easier placement. Developed at Lafarge’s advanced concrete research facility in Lyon, France, Chronolia allows Innocon customers to realize the following benefits:

  • Three levels of ChronoliaTM available: 4H, 24H and 48H
  • Possible double daily rotation for any type of formwork
  • Faster loading of structural elements
  • Regain project time lost due to inclement weather, etc.
  • Flowable up to 90 minutes after batching (450 mm to 600 mm slump flow), with consistency of conventional concrete thereafter (100 mm to 200 mm slump)
  • For horizontal applications, Chronolia allows foot traffic after 6 hours and light vehicle traffic after 24 hours.
  • Chronolia complies with all CSA standards



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